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  • What is Voemo ?
    Voemo is a telecom company registered in the state of California, USA, with offices in the Los Angeles.
  • How can I use Voemo to make phone calls?
    You have to open an account, buy credit and start placing calls around the world.
  • Who can use Voemo ?
    Our service is available in United States , Canada and many other countries from any phone line for anyone who lives in one of the countries where we offer access numbers.If you living outside of North America Check out our Global Coverage before your order.
  • Why are the rates so low?
    Voemo is using the latest telecom technologies to bring you great savings. Also, by offering our services online we are more efficient than regular distribution channels.
  • Access Number Info
    • What is an access number ?
      An access number is the number you dial in order to access our service and use your Voemo Voice Credit. By dialing the access number you will not be charged for the international call by your provider.
    • What is a toll free access number ?
      A toll free access number (or Freephone number in the UK) is a special telephone number you dial in order to access our service and use your Voemo Voice Credit. By using a toll free you will not be charged for the call by your telephone provider. Please check our How to Call page or click here for more information on toll free numbers.
    • What is a local access number ?
      A local access number is the number you need to call in order to use your Voemo Voice Credit. The local access number is in close proximity to you, usually with the same or close prefix as your phone. Please verify with your telephone provider what would the cost be to dial our local access numbers.
    • How do I get the best rate ?
      Our best rates are available with our local access numbers . By dialing a toll free number the rate per minute will increase.
    • Can I call from a payphone ?
      Yes, our service can be accessed from a payphone by using all our local access numbers. Our service can be used from payphones by using a toll free as well, still you'll have to check the How to Call page to find the toll free and local access numbers.
    • Can I use your service when I travel ?
      You can use your credit to call from more than 30 countries if you use a mobile or a landline. List of these countries is available here and to see the costs associated please check our How to Call page.
  • Account Information
    • Where is my Voemo ID?
      You will receive an email with your Voemo ID after you buy Voice Credit for the first time. You can also check your Voemo ID in your online account.
    • Where can I find my Voemo ID ?
      You can check your Voemo ID in your online account. Please log in with your primary phone number including country code and passcode.
    • How can I modify my personal information ?
      Log in to your account with your primary phone number including country code and passcode. Once logged in you will have the option to change all your information. Click on Profile Settings to edit your profile.
    • What is my Voemo ID ?
      The Voemo ID is a unique number you receive for the Voemo Credit you bought. This Voemo ID will not change if you recharge your account. You have to use your Voemo ID in order to make calls.
    • Can I change my Voemo ID ?
      The Voemo ID is a unique number randomly generated for your account. Unfortunately, you can not choose or change your Voemo ID. Each account has one unique Voemo ID.
    • Will my account or credit ever expire ?
      Your account will never expire but Voice Credit has expiration date, you may find yours in terms and conditions section at your order receipt.
    • How can I log in ?
      You may log in with your primary phone number including country code and passcode registered in your account. If you can't remember your passcode, please click on Forgot your Password ? to reset it.
  • Company Background
    • Why should I buy from you ?
      Our website offers high connection quality for the best rates on the market. We provide hundred percent uptime service including :
      • No hidden fees
      • Pinless Dialing
      • Speed Dial
      • Call History
      • One Minute Rounding

      Please click on Why Voemo ? to learn more.
    • Where is your business located ?
      Our Bussiness is registered in California, Ca US and we have offices in Los Angeles ,US.
    • Do you offer good quality calls?
      At Voemo we offer the best quality for the best rates. We route the calls through different selected carriers for each destination to ensure good connection.Most of Voemo connections are point to point , we provide Caller ID and Dial tone to many destination around the world , You'll exprience the highest quality you ever had.
    • Do you use VoIP ?
      We use the latest technologies and the best routing methods to make sure your calls get connected. We also use VoIP.
    • Do you have Terms and Conditions ?
      Yes, our products are subject to Terms and Conditions. Please read it before buying anything. Once you've made a purchase you have agreed to all these including Terms and conditions sent by email along with your order receipt.
    • Do I sign a contract ?
      To buy the service, you must agree to our Terms and Conditions . This will be considered your consent for buying the products.
    • Can I ask for my money back ?
      Our products are subject to Terms and Conditions and we will offer a refund only if the service completly did not work and you didn't make call with our service.
    • Can I buy your products using a debit card ?
      You can purchase any of our products by using both credit and debit cards.
    • Can I contact you at anytime ?
      We offer 24/7 Customer Support. In case you couldn't find the answer to your question using this page, you may open ticket here or email us at and a representative will get back to you.
  • Extra Credit
    • Do I get anything extra ?
      For every purchase you get Thank You Points. (some limitations may apply in some cases) For referring a new customer you will receive up to 500 Thank You Points. You can convert the points once you reached 1000 (the equivalent of $10).
    • How do I refer a customer ?
      You can send your unique referal code located in your profile by text message or email via my voemo or simply ask your friend to put your referal code during his/her order check-out.
    • Where can I check my Thank You Points ?
      You can check your Thank You Points balance after you loged in. Your Points balance is displayed on "My Voemo" page in the "Thank You Points" section.
    • When can I convert Thank You Points ?
      You can convert your Thank You Points into Voice credit as soon as you have at least 1000. To do that just press the Convert button from your online account.
  • Features
    • Do I always have to dial the Voemo ID ?
      When you call to our access numbers and you enter your Voemo ID by your phone , your number automatically will save for PIN-less dialing features in most cases also you can skip dialing the Voemo ID by activating PIN-less Dialing feature in your account.
    • Where can I check my Thank You Points ?
      You can store up to 10 numbers for Pinless service based on your current available balance.
    • How many numbers can I set for Pinless ?
      To setup this Feature, please log in to your account and checked out My Voemo. go to Pinless Settings, add the number and click on save.
      There is some limitation to add more number into pinless settings and it's depend on your current account balance.
    • Can I skip dialing the destination number ?
      You can store commonly dialed numbers using the free Speed Dial feature in your online account. With Speed Dial you can initiate a call by pressing one digit only instead of entering the whole destination number. As Speed Dial numbers, destination numbers will be dialed automatically for you. To set up Speed Dial check features.
    • How can I set up Speed Dial ?
      To setup this Feature, please log in to your account. Click on Speed Dial, select the digit from the menu and insert the phone number you wish call including 011 + country code along with a contact name. Click on Save and you may use it right away.
    • How can I be sure I won't run out of credit ?
      You can activate Auto Recharge which is free feature in your account. Once it's ON, your account will be automatically recharged when your balance drops below the specific amount you chose.
    • How can I setup Auto Recharge ?
      To set up this feature, please log in to your account. Click on Auto Recharge and set status "On." Select the amount you wish to add automatically and balance threshold , add or choose your payment method and click Save.
    • How can I cancel Auto Recharge ?
      To cancel this option, please log in to your account. Click the Auto Recharge icon and select the status "OFF." Once you click Save, your Voemo Account will no longer be recharged automatically.
    • Can I upgrade the connection quality ?
      You can improve the quality of your calls by using Star Rating, available in your account. Rate the quality of your calls using more stars for good quality, and less for average call quality. This will help us select our providers and upgrade our calling routes. For more details please visit our features page , also we offer different call quality with higher or lower rates in some countries.
  • How to Buy
    • How can I get Voice Credit ?
      You can get credit by opening an account, selecting the desired amount and then adding the payment details. You can use any of the major credit/debit cards.
    • Do I have to create an account ?
      Yes, every person who wants to use our services has to open an account with Voemo.
    • Why do I have to create an account ?
      By opening an account on Voemo, you will gain access to all of the special features we offer: access to our pinless service, remaining balance, speed dial, star rating and autorecharge.
    • How will I be charged ?
      The service is prepaid: you buy the minutes in advance and we round up your calls by one full minute.
    • Do you charge anything extra ?
      For buying Prepaid Credit there are no extra charges.
    • Will I receive a bill ?
      You will receive an invoice for the service you buy which will be sent to your email. All invoices will be available in your online account.
    • Is your website secure?
      Our website is secure for online transactions. We use reasonable precautions to keep the personal information you disclose both in your browsing and your purchases and to never release this information to third parties.
    • Can I pay for my orders with non-USD credit cards ?
      You can pay with any of the major cards accepted, even if they have been issued outside US. Please check the bottom of the page for accepted payment methods.
    • What credit/debit cards do you accept ?
      We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover for orders on the website. also you may use your PayPal account.
    • How can I find out my billing address ?
      Your billing address is the address your card was issued to. Please use this address for your orders on the website. We will not send anything by mail to you.
    • How do I edit my billing address ?
      If your billing address has recently changed, but you don't have any card saved in your account, you don't need to edit the address with us until you make a new payment. If you have a saved card, just click "Add New Credit Card" at Payment Info during check out and enter all the required information.
    • What is a coupon code ?
      Coupon codes allow you to get bonus when you buy one of our products. We may send you coupon codes when we have a promotion.
    • Can I pay through money transfer ?
      No. But we accept all major cards. Check our payment options on the bottom of the page.
    • Is there a minimum order limit ?
      The minimum you can buy is ten US dollars in most cases but its variable depend on your account specification.
    • Is there a maximum order limit ?
      The maximum you can buy is $100.00 in your first puchase and you may top up the balance up to $300.00 on each transaction after that.
      There is time limit to top up balance and you may lift all this limitation by follow the link bellow :
      How Can I Lift Account Limits
    • Can I buy the service from anywhere else ?
      The service can only be bought from the website Or Order by phone.
    • What is a "Pending" transaction ?
      A “Pending” transaction is any transaction waiting to be processed. On your credit card statement it may appear as a pending debit and this will turn to a full debit as soon as your order changes from "Pending" to "Successful". If your order does not ever go to "Successful", then the pending debit will disappear automatically from your credit card statement. You are only charged for "Successful" orders.
    • How many credit cards can I use in my account ?
      You may use unlimited credit or debit cards in your account.
    • How can I recharge ?
      You can buy more credit by logging into your account and pressing "Buy Voice Credit". Or Just dial the Voemo Sales Department and follow the prompts.
    • Do I have to buy credit on the Internet ?
      You can buy credit online or over the phone. If you buy credit Over the phone, you need to know your Voemo ID and the credit/debit card information in order to make the payment.
  • How to Call
  • Other Products
    • Do you offer monthly plans ?
      We offer monthly packages which work like a subscription. You will be charged automatically from your registered credit or debit card every month. The service can be canceled at any time from your account and is subject to certain Terms and Conditions. Once you cancel the subscription you will no longer be charged. The minutes offered are active for a period of 30 days from the purchase date. You can renew your subscription for this service only after the 30 days billing cycle.
    • Do you offer SMS service ?
      Yes, you can send SMS by using our Web SMS application in your account.
    • How can I check if an SMS was sent ?
      You will be able to check the SMS history for the last 30 days in your online account. If the status of an SMS is “failed” this means that it was not sent and you will not be charged for it. If the status shows “pending” it means that the mobile subscriber is out of the connection area or the mobile is switched off. The message will be sent as soon as the mobile subscriber has the cell phone turned on or is in the connection area.
    • How can I cancel my Monthly Plan ?
      You can cancel your Monthly Plan by deleting your subscription from your account. Just log in with your email and password, click on the Edit button displayed next to Monthly Plan and delete it. Once the service is canceled you can still use the remaining minutes until expiration date.
  • Partner Program
    • Can I become a partner ?
      Yes, we run a complex reselling program. If you are interested in reselling our products both online and offline, please contact us at
    • Can I sell your phone cards ?
      You can sell our services by becoming a reseller. If you are interested in our programs, please send us your contact info at and one of our representatives will contact you.
    • How can I earn money?
      You can earn money by becoming a reseller. If you are interested in our program, please send us your contact info at and one of our representatives will contact you back.
  • Rates

How It Works

All you need is a phone or a computer with Internet connection and you can call anywhere in the world with Voemo.

Just follow these easy steps :

Create an account with Voemo and buy voice credit using any major credit or debit card.
Create an account with us and buy voice credit using any major credit/debit card.
Dial the access number for your area and enter the Voemo ID available in your online account.
Dial the access number for your area and enter the Voemo ID available in your online account. You can skip dialing the Voemo ID by activating Pinless Settings .
Enter the destination number you want to call in the following format :
International   : (011) or (00) + Country code + destination number.
North America : (1) + destination number.